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Pool Table Buying Guide

Pool Table Construction

Pool Table Slate

Purchasing a pool table is a big investment and there are a number of things that you should do before choosing the perfect table for your home. When beginning the search for a new pool table, the best place to start is online by reviewing a Pool Table Buying Guide like this one to find out price ranges, materials, and other relevant information. This step is the most important in the process because knowledge gained will allow you to make the best purchase for your home and your family.

Pool Table Budget

The first step in purchasing a pool table is to determine your budget. At Austin Billiards we sell both new and used tables and prices start in the mid $1000’s for a good quality table and can increase according to the quality and customization levels of the table you choose. We offer custom table options that can be chosen to fit the decor of your home as you see fit.

Game Room Size

The space the pool table will have to fit into will make a difference as to the table you will be able to purchase. Pool tables range in size from 7-9 feet and the cue’s range from 48-57 inches and this needs to be taken into account when deciding on the size of the pool table your room can accommodate.

For ideal play there should be between 5-6 feet of clearance all around the table. Based on these calculations you can decide that size of the table that would work for the room. Use our handy Virtual Room Planner to determine the proper size for a table in your home.

Table Construction

When looking at pool tables you will want to take into consideration the materials that were used to build the table. Playing surfaces can either be made of slate, which are typically more expensive, or of wood, which is cheaper but also warps over time. Slate is the only surface approved for tournament play by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA).

The other construction differences you will notice are in the wood and ornamental features of a table. The wood on a lower priced table will often be particleboard or a veneer rather than a hard wood like oak. Choose type of construction that works best for your style and pocket book.

Used Pool Tables

When the money you want to spend does not match up with the quality of table that you are looking for then there is another option, and that is to buy a high quality used pool tables. Austin Billiards buys and sells top quality used tables in the Central Texas area, so if you are in the market for a used table in great condition or you are looking to sell your table please feel free to give us a call.