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Pool Table Moving

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Moving is a stressful and expensive experience, so most people want to minimize the costs as much as possible. Dealing with a moving Company is inevitable for many people, though some might choose to follow common money-saving tips by renting a truck to do all of the work on their own. This may be a good strategy for someone with very little furniture and/or appliances.

However, what to do about a special situation like moving your pool table?

Moving your own pool table and equipment may sound like a great way to save money, but several considerations should be made. Obviously, billiard tables are incredibly heavy, unwieldy, and easy to damage. It’s a pain just to move one to another room, let alone to put it on a truck and move it across town.

On top of this, these tables are difficult to take apart, and this is usually a fundamental necessity in moving one. Special equipment—at the very least a dolly/hand truck—and assistance is also needed to move the huge tabletop.

Moving the table into another room is easier, but the above issues still apply. This is by no means a job that can be completed alone. Because pool tables cannot fit into the vehicles available to most people, the moving party will need to rent a truck. The special equipment and rental most will most likely negate any savings.

Ultimately, hiring a professional will save you time, money and possibly keep you from breaking your back.

The Problem With Moving Your Own Pool Table

Great care must be taken to prevent damage to the pool table. Wood can be easily gouged, cracked and scratched, while the felt surface can be torn or stained. Surface damage affects game play and must be repaired, once again nullifying any potential do-it-yourself savings. Proper moving involves packaging and blankets for protection, yet another expense.

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