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Austin Billiards in Central Texas offers high-quality and stylish pool tables at competitive prices. We include everything in one simple package price which includes, your pool table, choice of wood stain finish, cloth color (24 choices), and our accessory play package (2 cues, ball set, cue rack, 8 and 9 ball racks, felt brush and table cover).

When it comes to pool tables, size matters

Billiard tables have been popular for over 500 years and their popularity isn’t waning. Not only does a high-quality table provide countless hours of family fun but it also places a beautiful piece of furniture in your home. Our tables come in 7- foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot sizes, but a standard size table is 8 feet. For homes with less room, one of our bar size tables will do you up just fine. The most important factor in choosing your pool table is the size of the room in which it will reside and that is the first thing we’ll ask you about. We want to make sure you have the room to play and enjoy your table for years to come.

Choose the pool table style that is right for you

We offer a wide selection of pool tables in styles that will fit most every type of design and décor. Our high-quality billiards tables come in the following design styles: Traditional, Contemporary Modern, Rustic and Mid-Century Modern.

Traditional Pool Tables

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Traditional. A traditional style pool table gets its inspiration from English and French styles such as, Baroque, Rococo, Romantic and Neoclassical. These tables create a warm inviting atmosphere with rich wood tones, beautiful leather, and richly-colored felt. A pool table in this style category may feature:
  • Stylized contoured legs
  • Routered hardwood notched panel cabinet details
  • Tassels on leather pockets
  • Aged or distressed finishes
  • Ornate details that give it the look of a family heirloom
Wexford Pool Table
Connelly San Carlos Pool Table
Legacy Megan Pool Table
CL Bailey Elayna Pool Table
Connelly Ventana Pool Table
Connelly Competition Pro Pool Table
Legacy Mallory Pool Table
Waterloo Texan Pool Table

Contemporary Pool Tables

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Contemporary Modern. A contemporary modern style pool table gets its inspiration from present day design trends and is often characterized by sleek and minimalist lines. These tables can create a trendy, edgy, or ultra modern look in a room. A pool table in this style category may feature
  • Non-traditional materials such as metal, melamine, or stainless steel
  • Sharper more defined lines
  • Less ornamentation
  • Black or glossy finishes
  • Industrial or high-tech look
AE Schmidt Spitfire Pool Table
AE Schmidt Nile
Fusion Grey Powder Coated-Pool-Table
Imperial Penelope Pool Table
Waterloo Parsons Pool Table
Fusion All Wood Pool Table
Legacy Baylor Pool Table
Connally Del Sol Pool Table
Canada La Condo Devine Pool Table

Rustic Pool Tables

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Rustic. A rustic style pool table gets its inspiration from nature and rural or specific regions such as the Southwest or the countryside. Rustic pool tables will give a room a casual farmhouse or organic feel. A pool table in this style category may feature:
  • Roughhewn wood
  • A solid functional look
  • Vintage-inspired tones/stains
  • Leather pockets and pearl sites
Rustic - AE Schmidt Branson Pool Table
Montana Pool Table
 Imperial Reno Pool Table
Imperial Esterno Outdoor Pool Table
Viking Pool Table
Imperial Barnstable Pool Table
Legacy Harpeth Pool Table
Houston Pool Table
Imperial Axial Pool Table

Mid-Century Modern Pool Tables

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Mid-Century Modern. A mid-century modern pool table gets its inspiration from the mid-20th Century. Mid-century modern pool tables will give a room an uncluttered and sleek look. Depending on the style it may also give a vintage or art deco look to a room. A pool table in this style category may feature:
  • Understated and unfussy design
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Use of both organic or geometric lines
  • Unusual materials such as plastic, Plexiglas, glass, and Lucite
  • Vast range of color choices
  • Industrial or high-tech look
Schmidt Deville Pool Table
AE Schmidt Allure Pool Table
AE Schmidt Monroe Pool Table
Legacy Collins Pool Table
MCM Imperial Dauphine Pool Table
Imperial Brevik
Legacy Ella Pool Table
Webster Pool Table
Regardless of the style you choose, all our pool tables are highly customizable, and you can choose the color cloth, the wood tones, finish or stains. You can even select a leg style that suits your taste and home décor.

Pool table accessories. There’s nothing like complimenting your beautiful new pool table with extras such as a wall rack, cues, pool balls, table lighting, covers and more. Come by the store and check out our huge selection of cues, cases and billiards accessories.

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The team here at Austin Billiards wants nothing more than to help you find the pool table you’ve been dreaming of. Come on down to our show room and explore our huge selection of top-quality tables and billiard and game room accessories.

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