Service Repairs & Moving

Service Repairs & Moving

Service Repairs & Moving

Central Texas

Pool Table Service Repairs & Moving

Austin Billiards offers pool table repair and moving services to local customers in the Central Texas area. We have done thousands of pool table moves, cloth recovers, and table repairs, and we stand behind our technician’s workmanship 100 percent. Our repairs include:

  • Pool Table Re-cover. We offer three grades of high-quality pool table felt in a variety of colors. All we need is the size of your table, the type and color of cloth and your location and we’ll send out a skilled tradesman to re-cover your table. In no time, you’ll be playing and enjoying your table again.
  • Pool Table Re-Cushion. We can repair cushion rubber that has been detached from the rails, or replace cushion rubber that has deteriorated beyond the point of repair. Frequently, re-cushion jobs are done at the same time as a re-cover, move, or set-up. A re-cushion requires a recover.
  • Pool Table Pocket Repair. Pool table pockets made of leather can dry out and crack over time and eventually become brittle. When the balls hit the compromised baskets, the force can break the leather. Also, leather baskets and cushion rubber tend to go bad around the same time. So if your pockets need repair or replacement, chances are your cushion rubber needs to be re-done too.

*Depending on their condition we can also do some minor pool table leg repair.*

Just a few of the neighborhoods we serve in Central Texas

Moving your pool table in Central Texas

If you are moving to a new location in the Central Texas area, we can move your pool table for you. We’ll send out a technician to your present location, disassemble the entire table, carefully wrap each piece in moving blankets, then transport them to the new location. At the new location, your table will then be completely reassembled and be ready for play in no time. Austin Billiards has two dedicated commercially insured trucks used solely for the purpose of moving pool tables. Primarily we move pool tables but we can also move your shuffleboard table if needed.

Moving your table within your home

Getting new floors? We also offer table moving services within your home. We can disassemble and move your table to a different room. If you are installing new floors or having construction done in your home we can move the table to a designated storage area. We will disassemble your pool table, put it in its desired location for storage, then return after your construction is done and re-install.

*It should be noted that we cannot move 9-foot tables or single piece slate tables. Our moving and repair service is restricted to Central Texas.*

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If you’re in the Austin Metro or Central Texas area and need a pool table repaired or moved, contact us or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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